On 15th June, the gala of the French POPAI contest took place in Paris. One of the few Polish companies whose products were nominated for major awards was ATS Display. Products designed and developed for Aries Power Equipment, Perfetti Van Melle, Moët Hennessy Poland and Multikino Polska were awarded in their categories. The results of the nominated products are as follows:

  • Chupa Chups Car for Perfetti Van Melle: Gold in “Food” category
  • Stand DC for Aries Power Equipment: Silver in “Product line, campaign” category.
  • Moët STAND WOW for Moët Hennessy Polska: Silver in “Selective retail” category
  • Stand na kosy for Aries Power Equipment: Gold in “Home & Garden” category
  • Open Trolley for Multikino Poland: Silver in “Leisure” category


In total, ATS Display has already received over 75 industry awards, of which 6 have been given this year.