Unique marketing solutions for your brand - sales activating POS materials

What do we specialize in?

POS (Point of Sale) materials are one of the key elements of brands’ marketing strategies. Advertising stands, FSDU, displays or POSM for the HoReCa industry are irreplaceable tools used by the best brands to activate sales.

POS materials are often the shopper’s first point of contact with the brand at points of sale, in specialist stores or during thematic events. As a producer of POS materials, we design and implement the highest quality solutions supporting the client’s promotional campaigns. The unique design of our graphics design studio and the final effect achieved with the effort of the production department are our undeniable hallmark.

How do we work?

When creating advertising stands or advertising stands, we pay special attention to ergonomics, we take into account functionality, aesthetics, durability, but above all, the character of the brand we work for. For the implementation of our productions, we use the highest quality certified materials, in accordance with the adopted environmental policy. Well-thought-out design, the highest quality of materials and professional workmanship of our stands guarantee durability, allowing them to be used for a long time. When producing POS materials, we take great care to recover raw materials that are returned to circulation through the recycling process. We take a number of actions to ensure the sustainable development of the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished products in the form of POS materials.

What effects do we achieve?

We have been operating globally for over 20 years, and our experience and skills in creating POS materials are appreciated not only by our clients, but also by the jury of international industry competitions, in which we have already won over 100 awards.

Don't do it yourself because we KNOW HOW to display!


ATS Display has been present in the POSM industry since 2001.  The fast pace of today’s world obliges us to continuous development. The ke is to follow industry trends and integrate them into the design process. Only this attitude can guarantee the customer world-class sales- activating materials.

It is safe to say that ATS Display sets the tone on the European POSM market, generating vast amount of completed projects.


Development of the project starts when design comes into life.  Technical knowledge that goes hand in hand with experience allows the project to reach real shapes and dimensions. Thanks to professional planning and modern technologies used by experienced R&D department achieving this goal is possible.


All the components and parts necessary to complete the project are being created in house. The entire team of engineers, carpenters, locksmiths, machine operators, printers and fitters is also involved at this stage. Step by step, the final effect is created in front of our eyes, which is the culmination of the efforts on the entire team involved in the project.


The last link in the order fulfilment process is transport, distribution and assembly services provided by ATS Display staff. The professionalism of our assembly team comes from years of experience. Availability of proper tools as well as the fleet allows us to perform efficiently and precisely.  

Don’t do it yourself because we KNOW HOW to display!

ATS Display is a family business and it exists thanks to the determination of my business partner – my brother, who persuaded me to found it. From the very beginning, defined our ares of expertise. Tomek took care of the operational part, myself – I took care of creation and sales side of the business.

Looking back, I can say that we have always been very lucky with the people we met on our professional path. Motivation, commitment, creative ideas and knowledge form the basis of a team that everyone would like to work with.

We can safely say that all these years we have been surrounded by people who make up exactly that kind of team. And for that we are really grateful.