Spring all over, so it’s time for spring projects! Recently we had the opportunity to present the Fuze Tea advertising stand. It is worth noting that Fuze Tea is a completely new drink on the Polish market. Our task was to create a POSM exposition, which would support the launch of a new product on the Polish market. However, the most important task of the advertising stand is to differentiate the product from the competition and draw the attention of consumers. The shape of the exposition refers to the Fuze Tea logo and the refreshing taste of the drink.

The advertising display for Fuze Tea was created by our specialists from the very beginning to the very end. We started our work with the preparation of the project, which was then meticulously checked in technical terms by our vigilant engineering department. When the stand design was perfect, it was delivered to our factory. As a POSM producer, we comprehensively produce advertising displays. The result of our work can be seen on the pictures below, as well as on our social media channels and of course live, in point of sale!