Another success of ATS Display! For the third time in a row, our project has won the main prize in a prestigious Italian competition organized by Retail Institute Italy! This year, in the category of POP materials with digital, the spectacular exhibition of Santa’s Toy Factory was awarded. The exposition was designed and produced by ATS Display team for Coca-Cola Christmas campaign.

At the stage of project development, we were inspired by the Santa Claus toys factory. That is why our product contains numerous boxes for gifts, baubles and Christmas socks. The main assumption of the POS Display was using interactive solutions. The central point of the display, which was one of the assumptions of the brief, are two screens with Kinect motion sensors. The installed application, designed by Lemon & Orange agency, detects hand movements and allows you to throw virtual snowball towards the snowman that appears on the screen, which encourages interaction at the point of sale. On one of the sides there is a tablet displaying a festive advertising video of Coca-Cola. This spectacular POS Display attracts the attention of customers of all ages.

It is an honour for us to be awarded in this competition, especially as it is the third time in a row! Italy is the mecca of designers and design, which is why this award is a source of pride for our company. In previous years, our Chupa Chups Car and Coca Cola X-mas Truck displays were honoured – both of course, also fully designed and manufactured by our company.