This year once again ATS Display has joined Social Investor (Inwestor Społeczny) initiative which finacially backs and enables the work of Volunteers of Nobel Parcel ( Szlachetna Paczka). The main assumption of the Association is to promote solidarity with those in need, mediate in organizing aid and co-creating a civil society. In the association’s projects, the most important thing is to connect people in need with donors and volunteers. Actions are based on an intermediary mechanism – the Association creates structures and tools thanks to which donors and volunteers can share with those in need. This support and help can be brought more effectively through a wide spectrum of training and thanks to specially designed and developed IT systems. Every year the core mission of the Association is being implemented to reach new families and to be prepared to act purposely. Thanks to the involvement in this CSR social project, ATS Display supports this year-round volunteer work.