Great news! We are proud to announce that in May 2023 we launched our very own ATS ASSEMBLE QR app!

ATS ASSEMBLE QR is an innovative tool that allows you to read the assembly instructions of our products in electronic form using QR codes. Our application was created with environmental protection and sustainable development in mind, therefore by reducing the amount of water and paper we contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Thanks to ATS ASSEMBLE QR, we can generate unique QR codes, which contain the assembly instructions for our stands, previously delivered in paper form. These codes are then placed on our displays’ assembly kits. The customer, by scanning the QR code, has immediate access to his individual website, where there are assembly instructions in PDF format and instructional videos from our YouTube channel to be found.

It’s not everything! ATS ASSEMBLE QR also calculates the amount of water that would be used to produce paper for printed versions pf the assembly instructions, which we have replaced with our electronic form. This information is available to all users of the application, which allows you to better appreciate the impact of the application on protecting our planet.

We are very excited about this new stage! Thank you for being part of our mission! 🙌🌿

You can also read about our application in the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT section.