Environmental Policy at ATS Display Sp. z o. o.

(version 2.0, Wiązowna, 21.08.2023 r)

Within the spectrum of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. interests, the issue of respect for the natural environment is one of the priorities. The company consciously and purposefully implements solutions in order to meet the needs of Customers, Suppliers, Employees and the local Community, aimed at rational use of resources of the natural environment. The main area of operation of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. is design, implementation, production and delivery of POS materials. As part of its activities, the company pays particular attention to sustainable development and, in order to reduce its impact on the natural environment, strives to:

  • conducting activities in accordance with applicable regulations and standards regarding environmental protection.

  • conducting operations taking into account its impact on the environment by optimizing consumables and consumption of raw materials intended for production,

  • conducting activities related to the prevention of pollution resulting from production activities,

  • implementation of selective waste management,

  • use of energy-saving light sources and machines that meet the highest ecological standards.

  • use of renewable energy sources,

  • applying good practices.

ATS Display Sp. z o.o. implements the adopted environmental policy through:

  • compliance with applicable regulations and rules in the field of environmental protection,

  • disseminating social responsibility by encouraging Suppliers and Customers to implement international environmental standards,

  • minimizing the amount of generated waste thanks to energy efficiency and resource management,

  • reducing the negative environmental impact of POS materials by eliminating problematic raw materials at the design stage,

  • applying responsible waste management in accordance with the laws and local regulations, cooperating with entities offering professional recycling and disposal services,

  • constant monitoring of machines, devices and installations, thanks to which the risk of environmental failures is eliminated to a minimum,

  • regular upgrades the machinery and devices to keep them modern and environmentally friendly,

  • use of energy-saving LED lighting,

  • use of renewable energy sources in the form of a photovoltaic installation, which provides about 13% of electricity necessary for the functioning of the office and production plant.

  • engaging Employees for continuous quality improvement of their competences in the field of environmental protection,

  • maximum use of free areas where shrubs have been planted, the natural stand was maintained, thus every effort to expand the scope of green areas was made,

  • establishing emergency procedures to minimize air and groundwater contamination,

  • maximum recovery of secondary raw materials,

  • establishing a Water Management Policy at ATS Display Sp. z o. o., which constitutes an integral part of this Environmental Policy.

The environmental policy is an important element of the commitment of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. in activities for sustainable development and also an integral part of its strategy and processes in everyday business operations.

Annex No. 1 to the Environmental Policy of ATS Display Sp. z o.o.

Water Management Policy at ATS Display Sp. z o. o.

(version 1.0, Wiązowna, 23.06.2023)


ATS Display Sp. z o.o. is committed to responsible business development and it understands the impact of water scarcity and the threat of climate change on both the company’s operations and the functioning of society as a whole.

Our objective is to reduce water consumption, increasing water use efficiency and ensuring that the wastewater we produce is reusable after being recycled at treatment plants.

We are committed to transparency in our operations by disclosing the amount of water we use and the production of wastewater in our annual Sustainable Development Report.

We believe in the sustainable management of water resources in our company’s operations. We focus on increasing our stakeholders’ awareness of the risks associated with water consumption and setting targets to increase the efficiency of the water we use and prevent pollutants and toxic substances used in the company’s production processes from entering the water.

The policy aims to identify water use risks and mitigation strategies.


The above-mentioned policy applies throughout the ATS Display Sp. z o.o. manufacturing facility, and every employee of the company is a partner in the implementation of this policy. We also encourage all other stakeholders in our company to promote informed water conservation decisions, monitor water usage and implement sustainable closed-loop water recycling practices.


The above-mentioned policy establishes water management strategy, processes and practices in the following areas:

  • compliance with environmental and water management legal requirements,

  • compliance with public initiatives, including water consumption guidelines provided by the local municipality and the municipal water supply manager,

  • respecting the basic human right of access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities,

  • minimizing the water footprint,

  • maintaining the desired water quality during water extraction, processing and consumption,

  • reporting water consumption efficiency to all stakeholders,

  • applying the 3Rs principle – “reduce, replace, reuse” and therefore reducing water consumption, replacing or reusing


Water consumption in our company mainly includes consumption for sanitary and household purposes of our employees and in the process of preparing the surface of our products for powder coating.

The above-mentioned policy is implemented as follows:


1 installing touchless taps (with motion sensor) equipped with aerators in cafeterias and bathrooms. The sensor, which reacts to the movement of hands or objects located under the tap, starts the stream and closes it when the photocell no longer registers any objects in the washing zone. This minimizes the use of water for sanitary purposes.

2. washing of dishes used by employees in a dishwasher, which allows three times less water consumption compared to hand washing.

3. the launch of the new ATS Assemble QR application, which allows products’ assembly instructions to be read electronically via QR codes. The app was created with the idea of protecting the environment by reducing the water consumption required to produce the paper on which the instructions were then printed in traditional form until now. The app calculates the amount of water that would have been used to produce the paper for printing the instructions, which we replaced with our electronic method.

4. the use of controlled-source raw materials in production processes, such as through the use of wood and wood-based raw materials from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) controlled forest resources. ATS Display Sp. z o.o., not wishing to break the supply chain of FSC-labeled products, passed the FSC certification process in 2022 and obtained license number FSC-C177133. Sustainable forest management strengthens the water-protective function, affecting the factors of the water balance equation – precipitation, runoff, field evaporation and water retention.

5. planting trees and shrubs in green areas around the company’s building, which positively affects the water retention of the nearby area.


6. replacement of water in the process of cleaning surfaces and production equipment with compressed air and reusable textile cleaners. The cleaners, once soiled, are picked up by the company supplying them, washed and delivered back to us for use. The company supplying the cleaners has developed its own washing process and wastewater treatment system. The water used in the washing process is reused multiple times thanks to cascade technology. This reduces the use of clean water by 50% and reduces the environmental impact by 85% as compared to standard household washing processes.

7. replacing 100% of the use of solvent-based wood varnishes with water-based varnishes. Their main feature is low emission of harmful compounds that are a source of environmental pollution, including groundwater.

8. replacing the use of water in the process of cleaning the interior of the powder paint chambers with a specialized vacuum cleaner adapted for the removal of combustible and hazardous dusts which might be harmful for health and the environment. Collected paint powder dust is then reused, and in the case of powder contamination, it is recovered by a specialized company authorized to recycle this type of waste.

9. applying specialized liquid vapor extraction on equipment that uses chemicals, such as veneering machines and in a wet paint shop instead of ordinary ventilation systems. Thanks to the filters used in such extractions, harmful chemicals do not get


10. using the same water in a closed circuit of a 2000-liter paint washer until it loses its cleaning properties in the process of preparing the surface of products for powder coating. Thanks to the continuous optimization of this process, the consumption of potable water by ATS Display Sp. z o.o. successively decreases. After maximum use of water in the washer, once every six months the water is collected by a specialized company authorized to recover the wash water.

11. recycling of domestic wastewater by withdrawal of used water to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. ATS Display Sp. z o.o. has a contract for connection and use of the municipal sewage system.


In order to minimize air and groundwater contamination in emergency situations, apply occupational health and safety regulations, fire protection regulations and explosion protection instructions as well as operating instructions for devices used in technological processes with due care.

1. Identification of potential failures and other hazards:

  • leakage of fuel, oil or other liquid chemicals – collect the substance using available neutralizing agents (sorbent, sand) and then collect it into a closed container. In the event of an extensive leak – notify the appropriate services;

  • fire – proceeding in accordance with the procedures specified in the ATS Display Sp. Fire Safety Instructions. z o. o.;

  • explosion hazard – proceeding in accordance with the procedures specified in the Explosion Protection Document together with the Explosion Hazard Assessment and Explosion Risk Assessment for the ATS Display Sp. building. z o. o.;

2. Preventing potential failures and other threats:

  • storage of hazardous waste, such as used and used oils, solvents, cleaning cloths, packaging for hazardous substances – from the moment of production to the moment of transfer to another waste holder, they are stored in tightly closed containers placed in designated places in the production hall. After collecting the appropriate amount, waste is transferred to a specialist company for recovery or disposal;

  • maintaining technical safety installations in good condition,

  • ongoing monitoring and control of technological installations and machines,

  • proper maintenance of fire protection equipment and neutralizing substances,

  • use of protective clothing and personal protective equipment, such as: protective gloves, glasses, half masks for respiratory protection

  • constant improvement of qualifications and sense of responsibility of service employees for the condition of the installation and its impact on the environment,

  • implementation of the List of hazardous substances with hazard safety data sheets. Safety data sheets for hazardous substances are provided to persons responsible for the proper functioning of their areas in order to supervise places of potential failures,

  • if you receive information about a threat, you should:

– announce the evacuation of employees from the place of danger,

– notify the State Fire Service in Otwock about the incident by calling 998 or 112a, and if possible,

extinguish the fire with hand-held fire extinguishing equipment,

– provide people requiring first aid and notify the emergency service by calling 999 or 112,

– cooperate with the leader of the rescue operation.


The water and wastewater management system at ATS Display provides at a minimum as follows:

  • enabling control of water quality at each point of intake, with zero deviation toward the content of harmful substances;

  • adequate water quality at all times at each workstation;

  • tracking and measuring water consumption to optimize consumption;

  • developing water recovery strategies;

  • implementing new technological solutions to reduce the water footprint;

  • upgrading sanitation facilities to increase water efficiency;

  • conducting periodic training or educational activities to make employees aware of water conservation;

  • water from the public water supply system should meet national drinking water quality regulations;

ATS Display ensures that all premises where the company’s operations are carried out have full compliance with the applicable water and wastewater management laws in terms of their location, infrastructure or equipment.

Discharges of consumed water are in accordance with legally established norms and standards, and our additional activities in this area are a field for continuous self-improvement.


Overall responsibility for managing the water and wastewater system rests with ATS Display’s senior management, however implementation of the above-mentioned policy rests with the team of employees responsible for environmental issues and the administration of the company’s buildings.

The main responsibilities of the team shall be as follows:

  • formulating the relevant strategies, reviewing and continuing all water management activities;

  • designing, preparing and supporting the formulation of the required budget for water conservation purposes;

  • liaising with service providers for collection, treatment or disposal of used water;

  • providing input to the programs, projects and planning of water management activities;

ATS Display is committed to supporting and implementing the above-mentioned Policy of Water Management.

In the event of any changes the above-mentioned Policy will be reviewed at all times.