Environmental Policy 1.0

Within the spectrum of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. interests, the issue of respect for the natural environment is one of the priorities. The company consciously and purposefully implements solutions in order to meet the needs of Customers, Suppliers, Employees and the local Community, aimed at rational use of resources of the natural environment. The main area of operation of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. is design, implementation, production and delivery of POS materials. As part of its activities, the company pays particular attention to sustainable development and, in order to reduce its impact on the natural environment, strives to:

• Conducting activities in accordance with applicable regulations and standards regarding environmental protection.
• Conducting operations taking into account its impact on the environment by optimizing consumables and consumption of raw materials intended for production.
• Implementation of selective waste management.
• Use of energy-saving light sources and machines that meet the highest ecological standards.
• Use of renewable energy sources.
• Applying good practices.

ATS Display Sp. z o.o. implements the adopted environmental policy through:

• Compliance with applicable regulations and rules in the field of environmental protection.
• Disseminating social responsibility by encouraging Suppliers and Customers to implement international environmental standards.
• Minimizing the amount of generated waste thanks to energy efficiency and resource management.
• Reducing the negative environmental impact of POS materials by eliminating problematic raw materials at the design stage.
• Applying responsible waste management in accordance with the laws and local regulations, cooperating with entities offering professional recycling and disposal services.
• Constant monitoring of machines, devices and installations, thanks to which the risk of environmental failures is eliminated to a minimum.
• Regular upgrades the machinery and devices to keep them modern and environmentally friendly.
• Use of energy-saving LED lighting.
• The use of renewable energy sources in the form of a photovoltaic installation, which provides about 13% of electricity necessary for the functioning of the office and production plant.
• Engaging Employees for continuous quality improvement of their competences in the field of environmental protection.
• Maximum use of free areas where shrubs have been planted, the natural stand was maintained, thus every effort to expand the scope of green areas was made.

The environmental policy is an important element of the commitment of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. in activities for sustainable development and also an integral part of its strategy and processes in everyday business operations.