Aperol Spritz Aperitivo 1919

Aperol is a world-famous aperitif with a unique bittersweet taste. Its recipe remains unchanged from the very beginning of its production. The undisputed king of Italian summer drinks is Aperol Spritz, consisting of Aperol, Prosecco, sparkling water and an orange slice. At a time when we are all hungry for trips and sun, the design and developement of the stand that best reflects the Italian summer atmosphere was pure pleasure. The visual concept of the exhibition was supported by the brand’s most characteristic sign, the Aperol Spritz drink glass, which contains all the products needed to prepare it, including, of course, Aperol and Prosecco. The materials and finish have been carefully planned. They refer to the warm Italian summer as well as the elegance and timelessness of the brand. The whole style is pleasantly complemented by backlight.

ClientCampari GroupYear2021