Rodowita z Roztocza

There is a place in Poland where nature keeps many secrets. Roztocze represents wildness of nature beyond limitations. This is where the “Rodowita z Roztocza” mineral water comes from. Our “Rodowita z Roztocza” Display has been designed to present 1.5-liter bottles with a dedicated over-shelf specifically for 0.6-liter bottles. The material from which the display was made places it within eco-friendly POS materials group. Footer and fronts of the shelves have been refined with a laser engraving with the brand logo. On both sides of the stand we have placed graphics frames which can be replaced depending on the promotional campaign. This stand has been designed and manufactured with high stock-up ratio which guarantees the display of the full product range.

ClientRodowita z RoztoczaYear2020