Martini Event Bar

The inception of the Martini bar project coincided with the brand’s 160th anniversary. During the design process, we were inspired by the brand’s iconic heritage, which represents a symbol of timeless style and elegance. In its current iteration, Martini aims to promote Italian style and exceptional elegance in all customer interactions. Therefore, with immense dedication, we have crafted a unique bar that not only embodies the spirit of the premium brand through its exceptional aesthetics but also fully reflects our relentless commitment to impeccable quality. The Martini bar stands out with its timeless design and sophistication. Integrated LED lighting with dimmers allows for adjusting the intensity of illumination, ensuring that the Martini event bar consistently creates the desired atmosphere, seamlessly blending into the space of any event. Additionally, it embodies the Italian joy of life, underscoring the nature of Italians who cherish and share every moment together. It emanates the strength of the MARTINI® brand, an icon of Italian style and quality.

ClientBacardi Martini Polska Sp. z o.o.Year2023