Q Service Castrol Atomizer

Ubiquitous hand disinfection is a sign of our times. The non-contact Q Service Castrol atomizer was created in response to the need to adapt business to sanitary procedures. Stand for automatic hand disinfection with a motion sensor is an ideal solution in all places where people meet. This solution eliminates the risk of transmitting viruses and bacteria, and also protects the hands in situations where contact with objects that may be touched by many people, such as door handles or door handles, is unavoidable. It is important to remain aware of this fact and disinfect your hands after each contact with such objects. The Q Service Castrol non-contact atomizer sprays the disinfecting liquid in the form of a mist, so it does not leave stains on clothes. Filling the disinfectant is extremely simple, and the lack of liquid is indicated by a red LED flashing. The Q Service Castrol contactless atomizer dedicated to both; staff and customers of Inter Cars SA, enables the use of the shops and services provided.

ClientCastrol CEEYear2021