Tequila Patrón Bar

Patrón is a distillery that exists since 1989, a brand, and a producer of one of the best tequilas in the world, with an annual production of approximately 2 million liters. The name of the distillery, derived from the Spanish language, means “role model,” which speaks for itself.  Patrón is produced with meticulous precision and attention to detail at every stage: starting from the hand-harvesting of the
finest Weber Blue agave fruits, through the traditional distillation process, all the way to the hand-labeling, numbering, and signing of each bottle.

The starting point for the Tequili Patron bar project, commissioned by Bacardi-Martini, was to embrace Mexican culture, which is gaining popularity worldwide, from food and beverages to art. And it is Tequila Patron itself that is the most valuable alcohol brand in the world with a deeply rooted Mexican heritage.

Our pursuit of excellence and perfection is evident in everything we do. That’s why in our project, we focused on the most important and recognizable elements of the Tequila Patron brand.  The bar we created reflects the style represented by Tequila Patron – clean, minimalist, and sophisticated, yet bold, assertive, and confident during presentation – as befitting a true leader.

In designing the bar, we drew inspiration from the nature and culture of Mexico. We utilized metal, chipboard with wooden veneer, and corian countertops that imitate stone in the production.  The overall design was enriched by over a meter tall agave plants positioned at the front bar.

ClientBacardi - MartiniYear2023