Wyborowa Gondola

In June 2021, just before the beginning of the period of increased air travel, we provided our client, Wyborowa Pernod Ricard, with an exhibition prepared especially for the Modlin Airport. A beautifully made Gondola replaced the standard display in the duty free zone and this is our second production here. We delivered the previous exhibition for another customer from the confectionery industry exactly one year earlier. With a large number of passengers served by the Modlin Airport (on average 2.5 million per year), airport exhibitions must be characterized by an appropriate selection of materials that guarantee safety and high quality of workmanship. All materials used in this production have the highest non-flammability certificate. The gondola for the Wyborowa brand is a perfect combination of three materials: steel, oak veneered shelves and polycarbonate. Metal elements in several colors interconnect in a static dance and blend in an elegant composition with a veneer. Illuminated polycarbonate wings add lightness to the entire structure, create an aesthetic coherence with bottle presenters and create a unique atmosphere, bringing out the sales potential of the Gondola.

ClientWyborowa Pernod RicardYear2021