Angel’s Envy Festival Display

Whisky enthusiasts are looking for new flavors and premium brands that reflect their achievements. Angel’s Envy is aged more than twice in comparison to a classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon and additionally finished in port casks from the region of Portugal, which adds to its complexity and character.
The creation of the name Angel’s Envy also has an interesting history. During the aging process, approximately 5% of the alcohol evaporates from the barrels, which the industry calls “Angels’ Share”. When Lincoln Henderson tasted his whisky for the first time, he joked that they achieved something better than what the “angels” get and thus the brand Angel’s Envy was born. This name refers not only to the aging process of whiskey, but also symbolizes the process of creating something unique that exceeds standards and traditions.

Both the openwork elements and wings as well as the colors are the elements characteristic of the brand. In the upper part of the cube, we placed LED lighting for one bottle, which, combined with the decorative accent in the form of wings, created a bottle glorifier effect. The stand was to present a new item in the Bacardi portfolio and on August 25-26, 2023, it had its premiere during the Whisky Festival in Jastrzębia Góra.

ClientBacardi Martini PolskaYear2023