Krupnik Old Liqueur Glorifier

A one-of-a-kind liquor referring in its character to the noble tradition of producing honey-based spirits dating back to the Middle Ages. Today it is still produced according to old recipes and matures in oak vats. It owes its harmonious taste to specially selected species of real honey and infusions of spices and herbs.

The main purpose of designing and producing the display was to present the brand to the world and to distinguish a new product – Krupnik Old Liqueur. Krupnik is a well-known product with an established reputation, but it appears in a new version. All its elements have been rebranded: bottle, label and cap.

Glorifier is intended to refer to the new version of the bottle with an emphasis on the most characteristic symbol of the brand from the very beginning – the bear. We used the leitmotif in the illuminated back, which creates a background for the bottle. The form in which we have prepared the backlight is visible in the details. The logo is gently illuminated with well-chosen colors, and delicate reflections of light diverge to the sides, creating a satisfying effect. The direction of the grain and the color of the wood along with the gold-embellished logo is consistent, well-thought-out and aesthetic.

ClientUnited BeveragesYear2023