A great milestone for our company to be more sustainable! Celebrating a significant achievement! We've been evaluated by EcoVadis, the global sustainability standard, showcasing our dedication to society, employees, and the environment. Check out more about EcoVadis here: https://atsdisplay.com/2022/06/06/ecovadis/ In December 2023, we completed the assessment, and on 31.01.2024, we proudly received the results. For the first time, we secured a Gold Medal, ranking in the top 5% globally (96th percentile) on the EcoVadis scale. This marks a remarkable improvement from last year's Silver Medal, particularly in environmental protection and business ethics. This achievement underscores our team's efforts and commitment to sustainable development, providing a roadmap for continuous improvement. We believe this result will enhance our customers' trust in us, motivating us to strive for even greater sustainability accomplishments.