SMETA4P is an audit procedure developed by SEDEX (more about our SEDEX membership -> check here) What is the SMETA4P audit procedure? During the audit, the existing situation within the company's organizational structure is assessed in terms of safety and hygienic working conditions, regulated employment relationship, environmental protection and business practices. Such an audit is intended for the company to take any necessary corrective actions, and the audit result is presented in the form of a report. For us, the November audit ended with a very good result. No non-compliances were found, and the best practices have been appreciated (the implemented Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers, as well as our investment in a renewable energy source in the form of a photovoltaic installation). Thanks to the results obtained, we are a trusted supplier for many of our clients. Moreover, it increases our chances of obtaining even better results, e.g. in the Ecovadis rating.