Bearing in mind the prevention of all forms of corruption, the Management Board and Employees of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. are deeply convinced of the necessity to comply with applicable regulations in the course of their activities, including legal regulations and ethical standards. Ethical behavior as well as responsible business conduct is the guiding and basic principle of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. Responsibility for achieving this goal rests with all Employees, Associates and Representatives of ATS Display Sp. z o.o.

The following principles are complementary to the applicable national and international anti-corruption legal standards and are intended to clearly confirm the commitment to a long-term and stable business model.

1. In our daily work, we adhere to the principle of transparency and honesty in the way we conduct our business. The company strives to maintain the highest ethical standards.

2. It is strictly forbidden to offer, transfer or accept financial benefits directly or indirectly. All transactions must be reflected in accounting documents.

3. When it comes to bribery and corruption ATS Display applies zero tolerance principle. We treat each such act with the utmost seriousness. Our employees may therefore not accept any material or personal benefits in the course of performing their official duties or make the performance of any official activity conditional on receiving material or personal gain.

4. We apply the principle of zero tolerance in the event of fraud, i.e. deliberately providing false data in financial statements, intentionally introducing false documents, forging documents, deliberately confirming falsehoods, distorting or omitting events, providing false information regarding the company’s activities and any other deliberate actions resulting in damage to ATS Display Sp. z o.o.

5. It is forbidden to take any retaliation against an Employee who reports a breach of rules or regulations in good faith, even if the allegation turns out to be groundless in the course of investigating the situation. Remember that acting in good faith means acting without malicious intent or dishonesty.


ATS Display Sp. z o.o. makes every effort to ensure that Employees have the knowledge to identify and avoid situations that may violate anti-corruption provisions. For this purpose, the Employees were familiarized with Policy against corruption and bribery of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. In the event of noticing any deviations from legal standards or declarations contained in Policy against corruption and bribery, each Employee of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. should report such a deviation to their Superior or anonymously use one of the confidential boxes located on the premises of ATS Display Sp. z o.o. Information is then collected from mailboxes by the Administration Department and entered into the register. Each time, the Administration Department agrees with the Management Board on preventive and corrective actions. Suppliers, Customers and Partners cooperating with ATS Display may report any irregularities or concerns regarding potential corrupt practices, unfair competition and other forms of misconduct to the e-mail address

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