Lipikar + Cerave Stand

The design of this stand maintains the standards of the interior of the pharmacy while being distinguished by its originality. It complements the display of products presented on a standard shelf. When designing this POS, we put emphasis on the its reference to the original product, which allowed it to stand out from the pharmacy furniture. This stand is built on the basis of one of our system solutions – Round ATS Display. It is made by injection method, which ensures high durability of the stand. The Lipicar + Cerave advertising display stands out due to its relatively small size and exceptionally easy and quick assembly, which does not require the use of tools. This standard Round ATS is made of plastic, and its universal structure allows us to introduce modifications in communication section where header is loacted. Wanting to refer to the original LA ROCHE POSAY product, the blue element imitating the dispenser was made of cut MDF board.

ClientLA ROCHE POSAYYear2022