The Macallan Stand

The Macallan is an icon in the Single Malt whisky world and the number 1 brand in terms of sales value. The reputation of The Macallan is built on a product of exceptional character. Commitment and the highest attention to quality are the hallmarks of The Macallan. As much as 80 percent of The Macallan’s flavour and 100 percent of its color comes from the wood used barrel-making. Barrel timber travels thousands of miles to endure many complex processes. Steeped in tradition, the coopers passionately deliver the perfect barrels for The Macallan whisky. In order to meet the requirements of this outstanding brand, we have created an outstanding display, aimed at alcohol dedicated stores. The stand is characterized by numerous refinements and an elegant combination of high-quality materials. We have carefully selected high-quality oak wood and processed it with precise cuts. Each of the walls of the exhibition has been designed using a different configuration of refined details. The use of a mirror system and precise lighting made us visually captivated by this exciting journey into the world of The Macallan brand. This shape, unique in form, reflects our deep respect for craftsmanship od the Macallan.

ClientPernod RicardYear2021