Grey Goose 1/4 pallet Alco Stores

The visuals of the stand we designed and produced contains the message conveyed by the Grey Goose. It involves three inseparable brand elements.
Geese, full of elegence and free, are shown as a flock – as a symbol of community.
Mountains – an aspirational ingredient, stands for a certain dose of inaccessibility which has long made them exclusive.
The sky – changes the quality and colour of the light we encounter. It’s the „living blue” that affects us and makes us mindful.
We created this stand using overlapping layers of the wood and the metal. This technique refers to trompe l’oeil – to deceive the eye.
It is an artistic technique used in painting and architecture to create realistic images to give the illusion of three-dimensionality, depth and texture.

ClientBacardi Martini PolskaYear2023